Saturday, 9 November 2013

The results are in for the Bonfire cake and they ain't kind...

Ooooh, is it the Chinese who say 'Be careful what you wish for'? There's me saying that I hope the tasters aren't being too kind and here's my proof. This one was a right duffer and they've pulled no punches.

I'm having a lie down, but you can feast your eyes on this car crash:

The comments:

Too spicy (all spice, cinnamon?) tastes a bit medicinal, not enough apple, very sweet and crumbly but moist. Slices too big.
Very crumbly and very sweet
Too stodgy and too sweet. Couldn’t really taste the apple. 
The treacle is very overpowering and too spicy. A bit too sweet and crumbly 
Too crumbly, almost powdery. The portion was too big
Too sweet and overpowered by treacle. You could't really taste much apple. It was difficult to eat as Too crumbly, but was moist.
Too crumbly. I would prefer it to be more 'cakey'. It was too spicy and too sweet for me. Not enough apple
Too sweet, very crumbly. I can only taste treacle and it tastes a bit artificialy sweet. The texture is strange. Would like more apple.
It tastes burnt to me? Too crumbly and too sweet.

I'm reeling here. I've not owned a tin of treacle since I banned it on grounds of stickiness. And I can't even blame Xanthe can I? I mean she writes for the Telegraph. She's a professional. Mind you, they'll clearly accept anyone these days. Seen this? I rest my case.

We all have a howler every now and again, but I followed the recipe to the letter, I think. Well apart from the flour. So I'll notch it down to experience. What have I learned from this? I should have stuck some booze in it. School girl error.

I don't know about you but I need cheering up and quick. When I feel like this there is only one thing to perk me up - a bit of cutting out. And I tell who we haven't seen for ages. Bonsai Bowie!

Coincidentally, I'm wearing exactly the same thing.


Kat BakingExplorer said...

Such a shame this cake didn't work out, but I think you have a recipe to blame here. Xanthe must be wrong!! At least you know your tasters are an honest bunch too.

The View From The Table said...

I agree, you now know your tasters are honest. I do think that the comment that the slice was too large was a fairly easy one to rectify though? You're not going to believe this Barnes but that's what I'm wearing right now on this fine Sunday pm too - different colour way but same same otherwise :) x

Sarah Barnes said...

Kat, Table, your faith in me is touching and probably totally misplaced but bless ya both.

Table, I do believe it and wonder sometimes if we were separated at birth ;) x

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