Friday, 28 June 2013

Cake mix v home made - the results

Well, this is a right turn up. Have a gander at the results. By the way, producing 4 graphs was messing with my head and I decided 2 graphs were a better illustration of the results anyway:

Cake B : Nigella's Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake (In the interests of like for  like, I didn't use the choc syrup)

Cake A scored 30
Cake B scored 38.5

Cake A scored 41
Cake B scored 44

Whilst this would look to be a win for the home made cake, taster number 10 didn't record a score for Cake A, so if you knock taster 10s points off Cake B's total, it means that Cake B shaded it in the taste stakes but they both scored the same for appearance. I think I need to invent a cakeometer.

So, there you have it. I have to say, I thought Cake B would kick Cake A's backside in this contest. You live and learn.

Here are the verbatim comments:

Next week, another cake mix versus home made. Let the Madeira cake battle commence.

Before I go, our Jon worked this way through the bacon jam and here are his recommended pairings:

On its own: Enjoy with light red wine and / or beer. Excellent pairing.
Baked potato: Mix with mayonnaise for a potato topping. Excellent pairing.
Chicken stir fry: Creates a delightful salty hit. Excellent pairing.
Italian semi-soft cheese: Use as substitute for relish or pickle. Excellent pairing.
Fishcakes: Sea and sow does work… Who knew? Excellent pairing.

I've said it before, that man can coin a phrase. "Sea and sow" - you heard it here first.

And one last thing - call me a pant pedant, say I've got too much time on my hands (moi?!) but David Bowie's grey knickers were weighing on my mind (file this under 'sentences I never thought I'd write'), so last night, I coloured them in with my special gold pen. I think the result is much more fitting, and it's the best time I have ever had colouring in.

70's David with befitting gold glam pants


Mike Harvey said...

Rather surprising results on the cakes, nice work on the underwear.

Sarah Barnes said...

Yes, the results surprised me too. Who'd have thought. We'll see how the battle of the Madeiras ends up. Thanks. May update my CV with this skill.

Kat Buckley said...

I'm surprised the home made didn't do better, but still I am taking this as a win for home made! Loving the gold pants, you did the right thing, Bowie would be proud.

Sarah Barnes said...

Agreed Kat, I'm taking it as a win for the home made too! Thanks for your encouraging words. I think it's what he'd want.

The View From The Table said...

A triumph Barnes, the cakes, the pants - it's all as it should be. I am going roller skating this afternoon so I will be wearing my circular Bowie one piece. The wind doesn't half flap round the full circle bit of the trousers but it cuts a real dash with passers by..

Sarah Barnes said...

Oh Table, they were made for perfect roller skate aerodynamics. If eber you fancy a trip down to the Smoke, my offer of providing a wind break for you on the North Circular stands :)

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