Friday, 18 January 2013

Cake's a good un and an award to THE best spam comment so far

It seems the blueberry cake went down ever so well, despite not being at all seasonal.

I will quote directly from the email which attached the anonymous scores:

"This cake disappeared in just few seconds!! Lots of good comments... I think is one of our favourite so far :)"

And the comments:

"rather nice, thank you!"

"moist and moorish"

"very easy to eat- light and fresh"

"light, fresh, excellent"

"sour cream perfect - not yogurty at all, sponge a bit dry"

"the bottom is amazing"

"very very nice"

"moorish, looks great"

"really floated my boat"

So, if you like blueberries, sour cream or you have a brain damaged pet rat, this is the cake for you.

On a totally unrelated subject, I occasionally get those anonymous spam comments congratulating  me on my wonderful grasp of the subject (yeah, right!) and inviting me to some random website. But today, I got one on this post which is a rare piece of thought provoking wisdom. Allow me to share:

Icing or frosting is the creamy topping added to baked goods, such as cakes and cupcakes for decorating purposes. Maybe you will find recipes for cakes other in the world.
From jungle to barnyard, Winnie-the-pooh, or under the sea, you can find a recipe that will delight the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

I think we can all take something from that...


Rachel K said...

hahaha! "delight the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy" .... yes absolutely, always best to search for cake recipes to feed your newborn baby. Can't believe I've gone three months without feeding my baby cake! *immediately googles under the sea & whinne-the-pooh recipes*

Sarah Barnes said...

You haven't given your adorable little bundle of joy cake yet?? And don't forget jungle or barnyard... All newborns love a theme cake ;)

Mike Harvey said...

Ah yes, but the cake is for the "soon-to-arrive bundle of joy" so, obviously, it's meant for the expectant mother in the final stage of her pregnancy. Possibly even during labour? After all, what better way to take one's mind off the pain of childbirth than a nice slice of cake? I can just see it now:

"Gas and air or an epidural love?"

"No thanks, I think I'll just have a nice slice of lemon drizzle cake."

Sarah Barnes said...

hahaha! Suspect most sensible women would ask for a large tequila to go with it :)

Kat Buckley said...

Haha brilliant spam comment! I think I have only had one spam comment so far. (I hope that comment doesn't lead to me suddenly getting loads!!) Also fantastic cake results - well done!

Recipe Junkie said...

Do you get the rather alarming spam comments which end "see my post about vaginal dryness" ? This one makes a nice change. Not surprised the cake went down well - it looked lovely.

Sarah Barnes said...

Long may your spam-free joy continue Kat, and thanks!

Sarah Barnes said...

I haven't had one of those yet RJ. There's something to look forward to! Have to say, I thought the cake looked nice too but mainly because there was no proper decorating involved. Can't wrong with chucking some fruit on top :)

Alison Kennedy said...

that was funny! Winny the Pooh was a bit obscure - poor newborn.

I am working from home now typing up medical reports I took redundancy pack a few years ago. Is very quiet today and boring so am welcoming any distraction to lighten my day. Was also playing Aladdin Sane at weekend. Spotted you had replied to my previous one a few days ago. Had tried a few times but I think maybe I had not got the hang of it yet.

Bye Alison

The View From The Table said...

Hahahahaha, that is hilarious. I am getting heaps of spam at the moment. I got one this morning:

Awesome! Its genuinely amazing article, I have got much clear idea
about from this article.
Feel free to visit my weblog :offshorebanking

I think a slice of lemon drizzle and a tequila would have brightened up my labour experiences considerably.. :)

Also, not surprised this cake was a winner, it looks so damn good!

Sarah Barnes said...

Off shore banking...the spam targeting is spot on isn't it!

Oooooh lemon drizzle and a tequila - want, want, want Table :)

Sarah Barnes said...

Alison, if you're looking for distractions, you've come to right place! Listening to Aladdin Sane is a good start. Looking at Beckham in his knickers always works for me too. Highly recommended and works well whether you have lots of work to do, or nothing at all :)

Alison Kennedy said...

Thank you for your helpful advice the only problem is I'm still far too shy to raise my gaze to that area ever whether in person or not and I couldn't even look the other day when I was on here at the photo!! I noticed I was doing that the other day - so that will be out of the question. I was laughing to myself the other day when I was on here about that.

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